The Home Repair Program in Kansas City

Many Municipalities offer a sewer line repair program to help offset the expenses a homeowner incurs during replacement of their sewer lateral.  North Kansas City offers a program which is broader and encompasses more home repairs.  The Minor Home Repair Discount Program: this program is intended to provide incentives through discounts for material and basic supplies for exterior home repairs. Encourage continued maintenance of properties.  Provide outreach to citizens, bringing awareness of minimum maintenance regulations.  Assist with resources and reduce costly code enforcement action.  Focus on minor exterior repairs and improvements such as exterior paint, windows, flashing, roof, gutters, foundations, exterior walls, porches and entryway sidewalks and create a sense of community by encouraging leaseholders to work with property owners. The program will offer Discount Vouchers for material and supplies. (Voucher discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or coupons).  Vouchers can be redeemed to purchase materials and supplies at participating North Kansas City businesses. Discounts apply to materials and supplies from approved materials list.  Vouchers will be offered to any North Kansas City homeowner or long term occupant/leaseholder.  Recipients may also be eligible to apply for future incentives.

Upon approval, vouchers can be redeemed at participating North Kansas City businesses for materials and supplies from approved materials list:  Paint, Paint supplies such as: paintbrushes, rollers, paint tray, scraper, tape, sandpaper, caulking, drop cloth, plastic,  House trim materials,  Roofing material , Concrete, asphalt and mortar supplies, Siding, Guttering, Window repair,  Porch stairs, railing and guards, Fencing,.  Tools do not qualify for discount.  Approved materials may very per vendor.

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