State Road Water Main Replacement Projects

In its continuing efforts to coordinate infrastructure improvement projects, KC Water is completing water main replacement projects in the Waldo Tower Homes Association area. The projects focus on the water supply and distribution system to decrease the number of water main breaks, improve the reliability of the system, and decrease service disruptions. Residents of Waldo Tower Homes, here’s a summary of work being done for you: the construction on the water main replacement project will begin soon at 15 locations between Stateline Road to Holmes Road; 75th Street and 85th Street. Approximately 15,500 feet of water mains will be replaced.  Construction is expected to begin in October and be completed in July 2016, weather permitting.  Another project that will be underway shortly, is a water main replacement project to make repairs at 17 locations between Stateline Road to Harrison Street; 44th Street and 75th Street. More than 13,000 feet of water mains will be replaced. Construction is expected to begin in November 2015 and be completed in June 2016.  Rehabilitation of Sanitary Sewers will also be taking place as part of the improvement strategy and includes the Waldo Tower Homes, as well.   During construction, customers may experience minor wastewater service disruptions and temporary street closures.



Kansas City, Perma-liner Industries has some good news!!  We are introducing a zero down, no payments for 90 days on our state of the art 22 foot Perma-Main Turn Key Trailer.  We also include training for this trailer system.  This is our Top Gun system that can rehabilitate 6”-10” diameter pipelines.  There are many other points to consider when using this this powerhouse for installation purposes.  A project that is consists of three installations each approximately 500 ft.  can be completed in 3 days versus the 9 day time frame for a conventional dig.  To find out more about this package deal, call us or go online to

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