Overflow Control Program Initiative

Kansas City is on the move!!  In and around this City we’ve got many sewer rehabilitation projects going on.  At each boundary area including Meyer Blvd. and Prospect Ave, we are busy.  Doing what?? To name a few things on our long list of improvements:  The City is installing 12,000 linear ft. of new sanitary consolidation pipe, as well as repairing structural defects in sanitary sewers and replacing structurally inadequate manholes with new ones.

Kansas City’s original water and sewer infrastructure was laid in 1874, and some of this pipe is still in use today. We continue to reinvest in Kansas City’s infrastructure by strategically replacing critical systems each year. The pipes we are laying today are estimated to last another 100 years, or more. That’s great news for the wellbeing of our City and our valued residents.

We’re on the right track!  And Perma-Liner Industries is here for you!!  Homeowners, did you know we specialize in pipeline rehabilitation right at your residence with the use of state of the art trenchless technology?  We’ll come to you with our Cured in Place pipelining system that keeps your landscaping beautiful and intact.  Call us to find out how we can help you. Or go online to



Save the Date! July28th-30th

Perma-Liner Industries has some exciting news we’d like to share with you!!  We’re having our Open House in the Tampa Bay area and it’s sure to be a great time.  We’ll have our excellent staff here to answer all of your questions about Cured-in-Place Pipeline products and our state of the art trenchless technology.  Come out and see live demonstrations, share friendly conversations and gain information.  Meals will be provided.  Please register at no cost: or 1-866-336-2568. Click Here to Register! 

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