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Kansas City’s Infrastructure Highlights and Delights

Kansas City’s green infrastructure program is currently focusing on a Middle Blue River Basin, which encompasses 744 acres and was divided into five project areas. Recently, the city completed installation of a pilot project, which is located in an older, mixed-use residential and commercial neighborhood served by combined sewers. Before installing the intended green infrastructure, the city conducted a complete rehab of the sewer system in the pilot neighborhood, cleaning and repairing for maintenance purposes. A nearby neighborhood was left untouched, with no sewer rehab or green infrastructure, to serve as a control area. Kansas City Water Services constructed more than 150 green solutions, such as the curb extension rain garden and a porous sidewalk, as part of the 100-acre pilot project in the Middle Blue River Basin.

Interesting Fact: Several of Kansas City’s Parks have fountains that are available to “dye” in celebration and recognition of an event or cause. One of these Parks is the Northland Fountain. It has also been called the “Spirit of Cooperation”, because it illustrates the unified effort of the public and private sectors worked together to achieve a common goal. Its benefactors range from Farmland’s $30,000 contribution to a three-cent donation from a schoolchild. An 80 circular base contains a center geyser which can propel water to a height of 35. In winter it becomes an ice sculpture attracting people to view varied shapes created by the frozen water. The Northland Fountain is one of three Kansas City’s Parks fountains that remains on year-round. Kansas City is known for miles of scenic boulevards and parkways throughout the city, where 48 fountains and 117 memorials and sculptures add to the attraction of the city.


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