Waterline Renewal Technologies

Kansas City’s Conversion to Automated Water Systems


The Kansas City Water Supply Treatment Plant is operated by Kansas City’s Water Services, which also handles water distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, and storm water management for 600,000 customers, in addition to serving 33 wholesale customers in the region. The city’s first water plant opened in 1875. A new facility built in 1928 increased capacity from 5.0 to 110 mgd, and a 1950s upgrade raised that to 207 mgd. Today, the plant is permitted for 240 mgd and delivers an average of 104 mgd. Raw water from the Missouri River and a wellfield is pumped to six primary basins for settling and chemical addition (polymer and return lime sludge from the secondary basins). After chlorine, lime, potassium permanganate and ammonia addition, the water goes to six secondary settling basins. It is treated with carbon dioxide and, if needed, with carbon to improve taste and odor before moving to six final settling basins. From there, the water enters the plant’s 36 filters and is treated with fluoride and phosphate. The utility is adding a new water tower in the northeast section of the city and rehabilitating a major pumping station with seven 30 mgd (million gallons/day) pumps and another station with four 25 mgd pumps.

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