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Kansas City’s Bright Idea for Manhole Covers


Kansas City has come up with a very creative and clever project for manhole covers. These newly designed covers are capturing the attention of many as they walk through the city. The project consists of 100 intricately designed covers, scattered strategically throughout the city. From inception, the idea was to foster a sense of environmental consciousness and accountability. The new design is meant to remind the community to refrain from putting trash down the storm drains as many of them lead to rivers, streams and creeks. This month, Kansas City Water Services installed the final two new storm drain covers in a neighborhood at 74th and Lydia. The new design is a result of a contest held two years ago. More than 50 people, of varying ages, submitted entries and two winners worked together on the final design. The new manhole covers are as cost effective as the older ones with minimal expense as there are 50,000 storm drains in the city.

The new manhole covers have been put in high traffic areas such as the Power and Light District, and Kauffman Stadium. This will incite a likelihood of visibility, as well as awareness. Water Services are saving the old storm drain covers and will use them as replacements when one gets damaged or destroyed.

Interesting fact: Did you know the 909 Walnut building is on the National Registry of Historic Buildings and is a treasured sight on Kansas City’s skyline? Originally built in 1931, the renovation of the 35-story building has turned this historic and unique piece of architecture into a modernized luxury with residences and office space creating a vibrant downtown area.

Coming soon: Perma-Liner Industries is busy making plans for you. We’re planning a “Trenchless Tour” on July 27th in the New England area. We’ll be posting more information on this spectacular event…stay tuned!