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Kansas City Redesigns Newer Sewer Systems and Infrastructures


A septic system can lead to potential problems when operating in place of a more modernized wastewater system. The city of Independence experienced a dilemma when using an older system without grease traps when renovating a building within the educational school district.  A recent project to upgrade the school’s five-building sewer system was successfully completed. Prior to the renovation, all the pipes ran by gravity through 150 feet of 6-inch Schedule 40 PVC pipes- to a pair of 2,000-gallon septic tanks connected in series by 6-inch pipe and spaced 10 feet apart.

More sewer news: Kansas City also recently rehabilitated a 125-year-old original 114-in. circular brick combined sewer due to its age and decline. The sewer eventually sustained a crack in the crown of the structure, affecting the structural integrity of the pipe. To redesign the pipeline, PVC-based material that is spirally wound into an existing pipeline was utilized. With the use of newer technologies and cured-in-place pipeline, the result is a strong composite pipe integrated with the existing pipeline. The new sewer now has proven staying power and improved hydraulic flows.

Interesting fact: Kansas City has impressive infrastructure including the Pedestrian Bridge that links the River Market to the downtown Kansas City Riverfront. Built over a decade ago, the bridge is 650 ft. long and provides a bicycle and pedestrian link between the north end of Main Street and the original birthplace of the city on the banks of the Missouri River. The bridge serves as a pivotal connection between the surrounding community and the many amenities along the river.

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