Kansas City Offers Sewer Line Warranty Program

Recently, Kansas City began offering coverage to homeowners for outside water or sewer line repairs, through a service line warranty program. In light of recent water line breaks, the city was intent on establishing an affordable protection plan for homeowners. Thereby, avoiding the expense of such repairs on their property. Many cities have followed suit, realizing the value of this type of program.  More than 270 cities in 34 states are now offering this service. Typically, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover repairs to a broken or collapsed line. While sewer clogs are the main concern for most homeowners, it can become a pricey undertaking if you reside in an established neighborhood with older homes, particularly from around 63rd Street to the Missouri River. These homes have galvanized steel water lines, which are prone to tree roots entering through their joints and clogging the lines. The lines are not nearly as long-lasting as copper lines. In such cases, water line coverage is equally or more important.

Homeowners are likely to think of cost-cutting solutions. That’s one reason more than 12,000 Kansas City families have signed up for the city’s program. This coverage is provided at a reasonable cost, making repairs less expensive and troubling. You can recruit the assistance of one of Perma-Liner Industries certified, highly qualified, plumbers to unclog a line at your residence. Sewer coverage can cost approximately $73 annually. If you opt for combined coverage, the cost is approximately $47 more annually. Additionally, there is no waiting period with the city program, which is sometimes the case with similar, more expensive plans.

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