Waterline Renewal Technologies

Kansas City Goes Above and Beyond For Water Quality

Kansas City has begun the largest green infrastructure project to date for the city. The substantial 10-acre, $30 Million investment is located at 81st and Troost. This is an all-encompassing community initiative to keep stormwater out of the combined sewer system, as well as, provide a cleaner environment for Kansas City neighborhoods. The 10-acre site will likely be scheduled for additional investments such as a space for public meetings and a community garden. The 81st and Troost project is one of three areas receiving infrastructure improvements. Construction is also underway at Arletta Park and will soon begin at Rachel Morado. These projects are part of Kansas City’s Overflow Control Program- a 25-year, federally mandated effort to reduce sewer overflows and improve water quality. Work on all three areas is anticipated to be complete by December 2017.

Another imaginative project in which the city sought the help of community artists, was the creation of 100 artistically designed storm drain manhole covers. The attention-getting new design is intended for residents to understand that the trash and car fluids that end up on the ground, the fertilizer that washes off of our lawns, goes down into the rivers, creeks and streams. It reminds all who pass by to be mindful about what goes into the storm drains. Recently, the city launched a design contest for local artists to create a water quality message that would ring true with the public. The winning design features a turtle, fish, and frog-along with an embossed message “Think: Protect Your Water, Protect Our Home”. The manhole cover design fosters water quality awareness and serves as an impetus for the safekeeping of the environment. The new covers will be placed strategically throughout Kansas City.

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